Jul 27, 2013

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The Lady Varnishes – Hmmm?

I bloody well miss Who Saturdays, Reader! This is a fact! So I say screw it, I don’t NEED the show to be airing just to post about Doctor Who on Saturdays! I AM AN ADULT!

I have a nice little plan that will give us three months of happy Whoniverse living, while we wait for the 50th anniversary special in November (alarmingly close to my birthday, btw). The Lady Varnishes has a totally comprehensive Doctor Who collection with a polish devoted to each of the Eleven Doctors (not even going to dig into John Hurt yet), so I plan to devote each upcoming Saturday to a different Doctor! In the end, I’ll do a nice little recap, too! So here’s hoping you’ve missed these posts as much as I have, because it’s about to get Eleven different kinds of silly up in here!






Naturally, I’ll be starting off this foray into Doctordom with the First Doctor.



So without any further ado, let’s pour ourselves a cuppa and settle in for some Hmmm?




Accio Lacquer: The Lady Varnishes: Hmmm?

Provided for review

Accio Lacquer: The Lady Varnishes: Hmmm?

Accio Lacquer: The Lady Varnishes: Hmmm?

Accio Lacquer: The Lady Varnishes: Hmmm?

Accio Lacquer: The Lady Varnishes: Hmmm?

Monochromatic, FOR THE WIN! And with good reason! It’s impossible to think of the First Doctor in anything other than grey-scale. Kirsten must have had that in mind when she made this brilliant topper. Hmmm? consists of a fine silver shimmer, and black and white matte glitters in various shapes and sizes. Sadly, I don’t know nearly as much about this Doctor as I’d like, since many of the classic episodes were lost or destroyed. But this lacquer definitely does a great job of representing William Hartnell in his role as the Doctor. The formula was flawless, calling for 1 coat over grey undies.

Polishes used in this manicure: Orly Bonder, Accio Lacquer Grey Wind, The Lady Varnishes Hmmm?, Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food, Digital Nails Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That, Digital Nails Matte-matical.


A lacquer that lets me continue my fangirling while also, possibly, shedding some light on Classic Who? I. Am. In!

You can find The Lady Varnishes on Etsy, and you should totally hop in your TARDIS with your destination set to their Facebook page! Do it! Go! NOW!

But before you leave – Like this topper? Digging the idea of a varnish for each Doctor? Love this brand as much as I do? Sound off in the comments, yo! And be sure to come back next Saturday to see what magic the Second Doctor has to offer!

Geek & Love,


Provided for review


Look at this rugged young Doctor!


  1. I’m watching the Doc right now. !!!

  2. Victoria S Andrews says:

    Hubba-Hubba great looking young pics! Fab polish!

  3. Did you HEAR that they think they might have found most of the missing episodes? – for real this time!

    I pooh-poohed the first doctor when I was young for being too crabby and serious, but when I watched him as an adult I really appreciated how almost like a father figure he seemed. But then, the doctor’s always been a father figure to me overall.

  4. I think I love you! My plan to survive until November is to watch all the old episodes I can get my hands on – this is the perfect accompaniment! (And if they’ve indeed found the missing ones… eeee!)

  5. april the animator says:

    Your blog is a bad influence on me… I’ve been watching classic Who to hold me over until the anniversary special (which is also alarmingly close to *my* birthday) and now I *need* this (and probably the rest of the set)… so thanks for making me spend all my money. 😀

  6. I already have almost all of this set, but you bet I will be here with you every Saturday to take my “waiting for the Doctor” blues away 🙂

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