Jun 7, 2013

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Digital Nails – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

Alrighty, Reader, I have something INSANELY exciting to share with you today! We are talking game changer here! Well, it was for me, at least. My beloved Digital Nails has created a quick dry topcoat! I repeat, Digital. Nails. Quick. Dry. Topcoat. Go ahead and take a moment to let that set in. I’m just going to flail for a while longer.

Okay, have we composed ourselves? Well, as much composure as we can manage. It’s about to get better. The name. Oh glob, the name! It’s glorious!

Accio Lacquer: Digital Nails: Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

Provided for review

Oh yes she DID! You know you’ve made it when an Indie brand names a polish after you. Sweet Brown, you’ve done it!

But returning to the polish itself, I think the hardest thing about this is trying to figure out how to showcase a clear polish. So to achieve this, or to attempt to achieve this, I’m going to show you a series of photos, starting with a natural matte finish polish and moving to glossy and glitters. Check it!

Accio Lacquer: ManGlaze Santorum

Accio Lacquer: Digital Nails Ain't Nobody Got Time For That over ManGlaze Santorum

Accio Lacquer: Digital Nails Ain't Nobody Got Time For That over Polish Revolution Glitter Herpes

So, as the photos show, I was able to add ridiculous shine to an otherwise matte polish. And to top that off, I also sealed in a chunky glitter bomb, giving it a glass-smooth finish.

But, just in case you were wanting some more visuals, below are photos showing all of the manicures that I have used ANGTFT on in previous posts without you even realizing it! I’m sneaky like that! (Brace yourself. It’s about to get pic heavy up in here)

Accio Lacquer: Fandom Cosmetics: 7 Bomb

Accio Lacquer: Delush Polish: All About Blue

Accio Lacquer: Delush Polish: It Takes Two To Mango

Accio Lacquer: Delush Polish: Finding Mr. Bright

Accio Lacquer: Delush Polish: Lovestruck

Accio Lacquer: Delush Polish: Cirque Fantastique

Accio Lacquer: Delush Polish: Teal Death Do Us Part

Accio Lacquer: Digital Nails: Hipster in a Blender

Accio Lacquer: Lucky 13 Lacquer: Pride

Accio Lacquer: Digital Nails: Dark Labyrinth

Accio Lacquer: Digital Nails: Dig Deep

Accio Lacquer: Model City Polish: Fairy Fight

Accio Lacquer: Model City Polish: Super Soaker Summer

Accio Lacquer: Model City Polish: Aqua Aura

Accio Lacquer: Lucky 13 Lacquer: Bikini Bottom

Accio Lacquer: Lucky 13 Lacquer: Nautical Nonsense

Accio Lacquer: Lucky 13 Lacquer: Stupid Starfish

Accio Lacquer: Lucky 13 Lacquer: Cynical Cephalopod

Accio Lacquer: Fandom Cosmetics: Ex Blood Junkie

I know, that was a lot of pictures. But I’ve consistently used this on every mani that I’ve done (except one) since Raph sent me this bottle of magic. I’ve also used this on a ton of manicures since, but I’ve yet to publish those posts, so you’ll just have to wait a bit.

Now, wanna hear some logistics!?

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That is: 3 free, crazy fast drying (dry time varied from mani to mani, but the averages were: tacky at 30 seconds, dry to touch – but still dent-able at 45 seconds, and solid as a rock at 60), รผberย shiny, self-leveling, and SHRINKAGE-FREE!

Of all the manicures I used this on, none showed signs of shrinkage, and many were on for 12-24 hours. It does have a distinct odor, but I found it in NO way to be offensive, it’s just…different. Also, at $6 for a 13ML bottle, the price is all sorts of awesome!


Yep, Sweet Brown says it all! I do feel like there will be occasions (with hungrier, mega-thick glitter manis) when my trusty Seche will be needed, but I truly expect to be using ANGTFT on about 95% of the manicures I do from here on out. In addition to how great it works, it’s also made by an independent brand. And, taking my blog’s history into account, I’m sure it’s no surprise that, given a well made product, I will ALWAYS choose an indie over a mainstream.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That will launch tonight (6/7/13) at 7pm CST. In addition to this meme-a-rific topcoat, Digital Nails will also be releasing a lot of other (AMAZING) new shades. You better believe I’ll be there, Reader! Partly because I’m at the bottom of my bottle of ANGTFT, and partly because my obsessed self will be snatching up a lot, if not ALL of these new creations! And hey, if you’re feeling the curiosity take hold, head over to the Digital Nails Facebook page, there are tons of teasers just waiting for you to creep on them!

So let me hear it, Reader. Does this new treatment from Digital Nails have you twitterpated? Will you be amongst the first in line, ready to abuse your F5 key? Tell me about it, yo!

Geek & Love,


[The polish in this post was provided to me with the express purpose of reviewing it. All opinions are entirely my own, and are based on my experience with the product.]



  2. I’ll buy it just for the name!! And I hope to scoop up many other Digital Nails creations as right now I have NONE!!! ๐Ÿ™

  3. I woke up to get me a cold pop, and then I read this post and I love every bit of it. <3

  4. I absolutely love what ANGTFT did with Model City’s Aqua Aura and Super Soaker Summer. Both of those are very thirsty, and ANGTFT handled them smoothly. Heh. Smoothly.

  5. This brands are gooยฟnna ruin me!!!! I can’t help to buy bottles if they have fun silly names, of it is some fan stuff.

    Ain’t nobody got time for that is THE PERFECT NAME FOR IT!!!!

  6. My God, I need this topcoat RIGHT NOW! Perfect name for the perfect topcoat…

  7. I’m completely twitterpated and completely bummed that I missed out on a bottle. Oh well, I’ll just put “Stalk Raph’s Esty shop 24/7 til restock” on every day of my To-Do list til it shows back up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. This is brilliant. I think you did a perfect job showcasing a clear polish! And you’ve been using it all this time?! You sneaky fiend!

    Well I just discovered that Raph lives IN THE SAME CITY AS ME!?! Must find the source! No need to ship them I’ll come get them! ๐Ÿ™‚

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